Monday, 16 December 2013

A bit of perspective

Is it just me that finds it infuriating that there seems to be a real perception that bikes and cars are equal in all ways? Yes they are both vehicles that have rights and responsibilities on the road, but let's face it, a cyclist is always going to come off much worse from any collision.

But the onus is on the cyclist to make themselves seen and to look out for their own skins because if we relied on every driver to actually treat us with the respect that they treat other road users, we'd come to grief pretty quick.

Cyclist and car collide:

Cyclist - lying on the road probably bleeding and in the path of oncoming traffic.

Car driver - "What was that noise? Oh well, must have been a pothole..."

But there's no education campaign and often hardly any penalty for drivers who either accidentally or purposefully endanger the lives of fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters...

Have fun and get out there and ride your damn bike!